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The buried alive in the video Natural by Imagine Dragons

You’ve certainly heard it recently on the radio and maybe you’ve seen the video on YouTube or on TV: the song Natural by Imagine Dragons is the latest success of the band from Las Vegas.

The video is very suggestive and gothic horror, a mix between Eyes Wide Shut by Stanley Kubrick and Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story.

It could not be otherwise, since the song is defined by many as “stormy”.

The horror banquet with Slender Man at the piano

In the music video Natural by Imagine Dragons the frontman of the band Dan Reynolds is the owner of a dark and ghostly house, fallen into ruin. He wears clothes from the era of the American Civil War and sits in a dining room covered in cobwebs, dust and worms.

The piano starts playing alone. Very long arms come to touch the piano keys. He seems Slender Man, the character of videogames, on which a horror film was made in 2018.

We see some people dancing dressed like mummies or ghosts. Among them also a small horned goat that depicts the devil.

The apparent death of the girl in the video Natural by Imagine Dragons

Meanwhile, a beautiful brown-haired girl drowns in the bathtub: everyone believes she died … In the garden of the villa Dan Reynolds digs a hole for her.

The girl enters a limbo, halfway between life and death. He dreams of running away in the garden with a knife in his hand. She is pursued by Slender Man and surrounded by ghosts …

In reality her funeral is taking place, she is inside a glass coffin, in an ancient hearse followed by a procession of people dressed in black.

But she is still alive. His hand comes out of the earth: his grave bears the name “NATALIE”.

Very striking is the final scene where you can see the glass coffin under the ground. The girl is moving her arms. Above, lying on the grass, the singer who seems desperate for her death…

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