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The Kill by Thirty Seconds to Mars and the Joker Tuxedo

The Kill by Thirty Seconds to Mars is a 2006 song that had a huge success. It is part of the album “A Beautiful Lie” and it is also written as “The Kill (Bury Me)”. On the cover of the single there is a photo of a carnivorous plant, called dionea or venus flytrap.

The video is a real short film that traces the film “The Shining” by Stanley Kubrick in a modern key. It was shot at The Carlu Hotel in Toronto, Ontario.

In this video the band members are grappling with their own “I” that materializes in front of them like a twin brother. All surrounded by madness, horror, darkness, supernatural forces.

Jared Leto explained that the song speaks of the relationship with oneself, of understanding who we are and confront reality.

The meaning of room 6277 in the video The Kill by Thirty Seconds To Mars

The set is dark gothic in the winter season. It all starts with the Thirty Seconds to Mars arriving by limousine at an aristocratic but very spooky hotel, where they have to stay for three days.

There seems to be no one there. The TSTMs head to the reception and find only their keys and a letter sealed with red wax: inside it is written not to enter room number 6277. But why precisely the 6277? Because if you write 6277 on the keyboard of a telephone, the numbers 6-2-7-7 are registered to the letters of MARS.
TSTMs therefore do not have to enter that room but in the end everyone will be attracted right there …

Jared Leto’s black tux is that of the Joker!

jared leto joker black tux the kill by thirty seconds to mars

As soon as the song starts, we immediately see Jared Leto with black bob hair and a black tuxedo that reminds us of something … try to compare it with Suicide Squad’s (2016) Joker dress, played by Leto!

You see it towards the end of the film, in the helicopter scene, when Joker goes to pick up Harley Quinn. Ten years later Jared Leto has dusted off old outfits.

But back to the story of the video “The Kill” by Thirty Seconds to Mars.

Shannon Leto breaks the ban on room 6277

On the screen you see the words “A week later” but from this moment some scenes describe the situation a week later while others see what happened during the week.

It all started with Shannon Leto, who broke the ban on entering room 6277. He came over and found the door ajar. So he came in and met a beautiful blonde girl coming out of the shower, like the one that meets Jack Nicholson in “The Shining”.

In some frames the girl is covered in blood and was killed in the bathroom. Shortly after, the girl turns into the twin of Shannon Leto.

The twins in the video The Kill by Thirty Seconds To Mars

Matt Wachter passed the bar a week before and saw it empty. Now instead he sits at the bar and drinks a liquor together with his “twin” dressed as a barman. The room is decorated for a big party …

Jared Leto is playing in the corridor hurling a ball with great force against the wall but he becomes suspicious of the figure of a man in black tux and follows him. When he meets him, he realizes that he is identical to him and starts a fight. Here the technique of splitting the screen was used, in order to see two images of Leto simultaneously touching each other.

Tomo Milicevic instead sees inside a room his own ego that is in amorous attitudes with another person with a bear costume.

The video ends with a big party where it is full of twins. The TSTMs instead seem to have disappeared and there are only their twins in black tuxedos. Perhaps the TSTMs have been sucked from their inner ego? This scene is clearly inspired by the ending of “The Shining”, with Jack Nicholson at the 1921 gala party.

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