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The love triangle in the video You Don’t Fool Me by Queen

You Don’t Fool Me by Queen: a kind of musical Frankenstein

You Don’t Fool Me by Queen is one of the last songs made by Freddie Mercury in early 1991, along with Mother Love and A winter’s Tale.
Freddie in the last period of his life tried to record as many pieces as possible, despite the conditions in which he was. The song You Don’t Fool Me was made after his death, putting together the fragments of the texts he recorded. All this thanks to the mixing skills of Queen producer, David Richards. Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon added instrumental parts and choirs.
You Don’t Fool Me thus became part of the 1995 Made in Heaven album, becoming a worldwide success in 1996.

The video with the metaphor of the forest

The video of the song, directed by Mark Szaszy (husband of the famous photographer Corinne Day), does not show the band members nor even Freddie Mercury. The setting is a nightclub where a boy meets his ex-girlfriend and begins to remember the moments when they were together.

The love triangle and the lesbian backstage

The first image is a sheet of paper on which the title of the song is written in pen. Then we see the two boys embraced on a cloth, in the middle of a forest with autumn shades. The scene then moves to the disco. One of the walls of the disco is covered with a giant of a forest, just like the one you saw before.

A boy goes to say hello to his ex girlfriend but she does not line him up. In fact, she starts talking very intimately with a beautiful blonde girl, a situation that suggests a lesbian relationship between the two. The ex-girlfriend has indeed a very masculine look, with short hair and zero make-up. He seems to sense it and goes away. Very beautiful games of light and shadows are created on the figures in these scenes.

At a certain point the two girls leave and he starts looking for them; however, he can not find them and he seems to be alone in the woods where he flirted with the ex.

The disco lights start to intermittent and he sees the two girls kissing. The boy goes to the bathroom and brushes his eyes, as if to cancel the images he has just seen. Then he goes back in the dance floor that is half empty. He keeps looking and finds his ex girlfriend lying on a sofa alone. He sits down and starts talking. The last scene is that of two trees whose trunks intertwine in the woods.

Some curiosities about You Don’t Fool Me by Queen

The actor who plays in the video is George Clements and he also acted in Metallica’s video “Hero of the Day”. The girl is the actress Rosemary Ferguson.

According to some, the theme of the lyrics is a continuation of the previous songs of Queen “Play the Game” and “It’s a Hard Life”.

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