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The new official music video for Black Swan by Diesanera

The new official music video for Black Swan by Diesanera was released on YouTube. The video won the Music Video Underground International Festival in Los Angeles, as Best Animated Music Video. The director is Simone A. Tognarelli.

The new official music video Black Swan by Diesanera (2)

The band of Diesanera

Diesanera begin their artistic activity in 2015 in Livorno (Italy) as a studio project. Everything starts from Valerio Voliani (ex singer of Icycore, Motus Tenebrae, Absolute Priority) and Ilario Danti (ex guitarist of Death SS and Madness Of Sorrow).

Their studio activity leads to the debut album “Crumbs”. In this album music with gothic tones merge occasional electronic notes.

Later Matt Langella on bass, Yuri Giannotti on second guitar and Alessio Toti on drums join the group. The band starts playing in many live shows until the end of 2019.

Finally in 2020 they enter the studio to record the second album entitled “Grudge”. It is produced by Ad Noctem Records. Mixed and mastered at the Chameleon Studio in Hamburg (Germany) by Bengt Jaeschke, together with Benjamin Lawrenz & Chris Harms (Lord Of The Lost). The release of the album is scheduled for September 26, 2020 on digital stores and in physical format.

The song “Black Swan” is the first single of this new new album. In addition to YouTube, you can listen to the song on Spotify and on the most important digital platforms.

The style of the video for Black Swan by Diesanera

The director of the music video for Black Swan by Diesanera is Simone A. Tognarelli. The atmosphere recalls the style of the famous director David Lynch, skilled in making concrete the figures of the unconscious, dream and human irrationality.

The stop motion animations of the video “Black Swan” instead recall the style of the surrealist screenwriter Jan ҆vankmajer and of the American directors Brothers Quay.

The original element introduced by Simone A. Tognarelli is the greater expressiveness of the characters. This attention in bringing out the identity derives from the short films of the artistic collective King’s Magicians. Tognarelli is co-founder of this artistic collective together with the composer Jacopo Aliboni.

A mixed technique of action scenes and stop-motion scenes

The video for Black Swan by Diesanera lasts 6:59 minutes and shows us the use of a mixed technique. We see live action scenes in a theater with dark tones, almost dreamy. The protagonist is a dancer in black dress who performs on stage. A woman with strange binoculars on her eyes attends the show. She is a disturbing figure, who makes the protagonist uncomfortable and looms over her during the dance performance.

After that the animated stop-motion scenes show us a girl-puppet without eyeballs, but from whose head multiple eyes sprout, like a Gorgon. This puppet was created by Costanza Lettieri of Fantasmagorie Studio in Rome.

The character is in the backstage, inside her dressing room (very detailed scenographies by Ilario Danti). There her inner tragedy takes place, among insecurities, fears, memories of the past.

The reality around her comes to life. Above all the mannequin starts to speak. Likewise an external eye seems to judge her and the door continuously opens and slams.

The main themes of the song and video of Black Swan

The video shows the altered and dark reality, seen from the perspective of a woman in depression after suffering psychological violence. However the equilibrium is unable to recover. So she cannot distinguish the border between nightmare and real world.

There is a subtle difference between the images that flow in front of us and the music. The song speaks of the existence of a woman victim of domestic violence, prey to uncertainties and fears. But her courageous attempt to escape from that reality however will be fatal to her.

Moreover in the video the artists Jennifer Gino (dancer of ST Danza) and Alessandra Bareschino (actress of the Compagnia Teatrale l’Anello) played the part freely.

Director Simone A. Tognarelli combined the main theme of the song with other similar themes. Between these the psychological violence in the social age. In fact in the web world it is easy to psychologically hit a person, until she reaches the limit of endurance.

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