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The new Slipknot video All Out Life, record views on Youtube

It came out on October 31st with Halloween night but it has already 13 million views on Youtube. The Slipknot’s music video All Out Life lasts 6 minutes, in which you do not notice the time passing by because the scenes kidnap you and the music rapes your ears, like all the Slipknot tracks.

The video, directed by the percussionist of the band Shawn “Clown” Crahan, has entered the top charts of the views records in the first 24 hours. Only on Halloween day it has grossed 3.4 million views.

All Out Life, an horror splatter video

At the center of the scene you can see a giant silver skull, that rotates hanging from the ceiling. It’s the only fashion thing, because everything else is blood and craziness.

The characters wear a white suit with a red skeleton mask. The video shows no members of the band and does not even show someone’s face: they all have their faces covered.

On the back part of the suit there is the symbol of the Slipknot and in front of it a barcode with the word WANYK. This is the new Slipknot clothing brand: you can buy the mask and the suit on the band’s website.

But let’s get back to the video. The characters arrive on a military-style truck, like those from the Second World War, and descend, jumping crazy. They enter a shed, where there are people dressed in a long cloak that also covers their heads.

The characters with the skull mask start running in a circle and moshing. Suddenly they all fall to the ground and stir in the blood. They get up and turn their arms to the sky, while the cloaked characters spray blood on them.

Finally they all come out of the shed, are about to get on the truck, when one of them comes forward and with a firecracker ignites the truck, that explodes.

The video recalls The Human Centipede

Some have compared the video “All Out Life” to the trilogy “The Human Centipede”, a horror film from 2009-2015. The plot of the first film in the trilogy talks about Dr. Heiter, a mad surgeon who wants to join two girls and a Japanese through mouth and want to make a human centipede (no one knows why, but the Japanese is the front row).

The second film in the trilogy speaks of Martin, a guardian of an underground parking in London, watching the first film in the trilogy and remains obsessed with the figure of Dr Heiter.

Wanting to emulate him, he kidnaps a dozen people who go to his parking lot and use them to create his human centipede.

The third film tells about the director of a prison and his assistant, who watch the other two films and decide to create a human centipede with the raw material available to them: the prisoners!

They create a huge human centipede and take pleasure in their work. Director Tom Six says this is the happy ending of the story and will not make a sequel (and thank goodness).

In my opinion, the three horror-splatter-demential films represent a metaphor of a mad world, which flattens us, represses diversity and puts us in line like sheep.

A world where news passes from mouth to mouth and are corrupted and altered (in the movies, in fact, each man eats the stools of what is in front of him and offers his feces in the meal to what is behind).

The meaning of Spliknot’s All out life video

Also the Slipknot video is a metaphor, because the lyrics says “What a bore, getting stuck in a metaphor”. It is a metaphor of life and living subject to the rules of society. Sometimes a black sheep comes out of the chorus and makes an extreme gesture (the man who sets the van on fire). So it is so impossible to go back.

It is only possible to look ahead and create a new order of things (the truck was the only way to go back and it was destroyed).

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