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The new video of “Renegade Sun (Brexit)” by Stolen Apple

Stolen Apple, an indie rock band from Italy, released a new video for the song “Renegade Sun (Brexit)”. The song is part of the album “Wagon Songs”, available from February 21, 2020.

Who are Stolen Apple and where does their name come from?

Stolen Apple are an Italian band, which formed in 2008 in Florence. Their music is influenced by the new age and funk of the 80s and 90s, but also by artists of the 60s and 70s, such as Who and Lou Reed.

The band members are Riccardo Dugini (voice, guitar), Luca Petrarchi (voice, guitar), Massimiliano Zatini (bass), Alessandro Pagani (drums).

The inspiration for the name “Stolen Apple” came when watching a television program, which talked about the Nazi methods of kidnapping people. The Nazis took people with various disabilities from their homes with the prospect of being treated. They actually ended up in concentration camps. Among these was a child who manifested hyperkinesia. He stole apples from the kitchens during captivity and then donated them to the other internees. This cost him a premature end but his story continues to be remembered.

The new video of “Renegade Sun (Brexit)” by Stolen Apple

renegade sun (brexit) stolen apple 2

The music video for “Renegade Sun (Brexit)” is a 4:14 short film that sees the perfect mix of digital and analog images. The director and producer is NoWareArt, pseudonym of a videomaker who has been dealing with visual documentation for years. His technique is to rework images and videos of the past through modern digital devices, giving them new life without losing their nature.

NoWareArt used particular and unusual optical instruments to make the video, such as scientific cameras, old photographs made with analog devices, images of transformed everyday objects.

The video shows a kind of psychic journey, of flow of consciousness, where there is no sense and explanation for every detail. Some images catch our eye, are close together, almost taken under the microscope; other shots are more distant. In this flow, reality merges with memories. You feel the loneliness and isolation of the modern individual.

Man today has many things available, perhaps too many. Rather than using and benefiting from them, he sees them as they slide in front of him. In this river of information, the soul goes in search of an escape route (the “Brexit”). Both in tiny and larger things, from heaven to earth.

Renegade Sun (Brexit) at the Lift-Off International Festival in London

The video participated in the Lift-off Sessions of May 2020 during the Lift-Off Global Network Festival in London, for the official programming at the Pinewood Studios in London and at the Raleigh Studios in Hollywood.

Lift-Off Global Network is a global and independent film festival that also includes production, distribution and networking among filmmakers.

The plans for the future

Stolen Apple are currently working on upcoming live concerts to present the newly released album. When the promotional tour ends, they will get back to work for a new album. It could be a compendium of the previous ones or something totally different. The band said that “the beauty of music is also this, you know where you start from but not where you can get”.


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