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The official music video for the song Photograph by Dirtycakes

The new music video for the song Photograph by Dirtycakes was released in July 2020. The single, on the eRecords® label, heralds the new album “Watch it Burn”.

The song “Photograph” by Dirtycakes

At the first listen to the song we feel like we are taking a dip back in the 90s, with its grunge punk rock sounds. The rhythm is one that makes you get up from your chair and dance.

Photograph’s lyrics are autobiographical and speak of a toxic love relationship, which generates addiction and power play. The protagonist of the lyrics is tired of this exhausting relationship, also because he has to deal with the ghosts of his past and with the problems of his existence. So he decides to take back his life and eliminate the toxic elements that destroy him.

The official music video for the song Photograph by Dirtycakes

The music video shows the Californian band Dirtycakes performing inside a music room. A blonde photographer with an SLR moves around them, taking numerous photographs. The shots of the band are filtered by a concave lens. The goal is to give the impression that this is the photographer’s point of view. At the end of the video, the actress greets the audience with a nice middle finger and leaves. The photographer is Diana Ebe.

song photograph by dirtycakes

Paul Boyd, the director of the video for Photograph

The director of the video is Paul Boyd. He made videos for many artists on the international music scene, such as INXS, Shania Twain, deadmau5, Goo Goo Dolls, Backstreet Boys, Jamiroquai, Blind Melon, Kylie Minogue.

The plans for the future of Dirtycakes

Pending the release of their new album “Watch it Burn”, Dirtycakes plans to release new material in the coming months. Meanwhile, let’s listen to this new single. Which, as the band explains, “continues to define them as a driving force in, moving past the cookie cutter wallpaper of ignorable rock and roll that has become the normal of so many days these days.”


Charley Tichenor (lead vocals & baritone guitar)
Becky Wreck (drums & vocals)
Rick Torres (bass, lead guitar & vocals)

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Dirtycakes – Naked




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