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The Price ft. Enrico Ruggeri – On the edge of madness

On the edge of madness” by The Price ft. Enrico Ruggeri is an alternative metal rock song, created in collaboration with the famous Italian singer Enrico Ruggeri.
The song is part of the 2018 album “A second Chance to Rise”. This is the first album by The Price, a name used by Marco Barusso for his musical project with the BRX Records label. Let’s find out better who this artist is.

The Price musical project

Marco Barusso is an Italian guitarist, singer, sound engineer and music producer. He worked with many national and international artists, such as Lacuna Coil, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Coldplay, Jarabedepalo.

The Price project begins in 2016. With Marco Barusso (vocals and guitar) there are other musicians, who play on the record and also in live concerts. They are Axel Capurro (vocals, guitar), Guido Carli (drums), Claudio Sannoner (guitar, bass). Their tour is traveling all over Europe: Finalndia, Germany, Poland, Greece, Turkey, Austria and many other countries.

“On the edge of madness” by The Price ft. Enrico Ruggeri

“On the edge of madness” by The Price ft. Enrico Rugger is written by Marco Barusso and Giordano Adornato, lead singer of Cayne, an Italian gothic metal band. On the drums we hear Ryan Blake Folden of Lacuna Coil, while on the bass there is Matteo Bassi, musician of Elisa Toffoli’s tour.

The song describes a man’s life on the verge of madness, unable to distinguish reality from imagination. This crisis starts with a troubled love relationship, where the ex-girlfriend is still heavily present in the protagonist’s life and torments him, making him live a nightmare.

The video with The Price ft. Enrico Ruggeri

The video of the song links to the lyrics and has a decidedly cinematic slant. The story in the video does not stop there, but it is linked to the other videos of The Price songs.

It is therefore a musical feature film, a kind of TV series, centered on an unhealthy and exhausting love story, with noir and disturbing hues. It seems almost a heady/psycho horror. Today fans can watch four of the six music videos of the project.

The video of On the edge of madness starts with decidedly underground and dark images. The protagonist of the story, the actor Antonio De Nitto, comes out shocked by a gallery covered with graffiti. He still has a rope tied to his left hand: that rope kept him tied and imprisoned.

With a flash back we can see what had happened before. The protagonist is walking through the city and receives a phone call from Diana but seems not to answer.

While on the subway he sees a hooded girl who spies on him: is she Diana? The protagonist panicked, flees.
Diana, her stalker, played by Marica Cotognini, seems to never give up. She reaches him by car and blocks his way.

Later while Antonio De Nitto is in a nightclub, Enrico Ruggeri appears behind the bar in the guise of punk rock bartender, with sunglasses and leather biker jacket. Antonio entertains himself talking to a blonde girl and in those moments Enrico Ruggeri secretly agrees with the stalker Diana. For a handful of money, he agrees to put drugs in the protagonist’s drink.

The young man drinks, loses consciousness and finds himself tied to Diana’s home, where she tortures him psychologically. But he manages to free himself and escape. Here we see the opening scene again, as he emerges from the gallery.

Arriving in front of his house, the young man is still confused and exchanges a simple passerby for Diana. Now he sees the young woman everywhere and finds himself fighting with another passer-by who is Marco Barusso. The scuffle leaves him lifeless on the ground. He is taken to the hospital but even there the nightmare does not end and he exchanges a nurse for Diana …