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The provocative meaning of the Rammstein video “Ausländer”

In this post we discover the meaning of the Rammstein video “Ausländer”, behind which there is a very subtle but pungent complaint.

The Ausländer song by Rammstein

Rammstein’s single Ausländer was released in 2019 and is part of the German band’s seventh studio album, entitled “Rammstein”.

It is in German language but there are some expressions in Russian, Italian, English and French. Why? The song aims to denounce the sex tourism of the richest countries towards the poorest countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America. The title of the song in english means “foreigners”.

This problem still exists today. Europe, Russia and the USA are concerned with raising “walls” to prevent foreigners from entering their territories. But they do not realize that there is an emigration flow of their citizens to underdeveloped countries for the sexual exploitation of women. It is a sort of “sex colonialism”.

The lyrics describe a tourist’s approach to a poor woman in her homeland. The man uses a very colorful vocabulary to convince the woman to spend only a few hours with him (he says he’s not a man for one night).

The provocative meaning of the Rammstein video “Ausländer”

The video Ausländer by Rammstein shows us the band that lands on an African island on a rubber dinghy, similar to those used by immigrants who come by sea.

Till Lindemann and his companions are dressed like the colonials of the last century and some scenes are in black and white as in the old films. They are greeted by a child who leads them to his tribe. The Rammstein begin to dispense gifts and spend moments of daily life together with the natives. The women have their chests without clothes. We also see Lindemann dressed as a preacher in a white tunic with a crucifix around his neck, who teaches the French language to children.

In the evening, in front of the fire, the band members show their true intentions. During group dances, they drag women into the huts…

In the finale, the Rammstein seem to have remained on the island for a long time, as there are very young white children. Maybe they are their children… It would seem so, since the keyboardist Christian Lorenz is abandoned in the midst of the natives. A stout African woman holds him back! But in the end he does not fare badly, since he becomes a holy man or village chief.

Who is the director of the video Ausländer

The director of the video is Jörn Heitmann, who worked for Rammstein on the shooting of other famous videos: Radio, Haifisch, Keine Lust, Ohne Dich, Amerika, Mutter, Ich Will. He has also worked for other artists on the international scene: Deep Purple, Tokio Hotel, The Rasmus, Guano Apes, Lou Bega.

The location for the Rammstein video “Ausländer” was the South Africa. According to the director, this film is something absolutely unique, which approaches only the video for “Pussy”. The video has a satirical approach to dealing with current issues such as racism, sex tourism, 21st century colonialism, industrialization, western culture, Christianity.

The director wanted to stage the landing of westerners in African countries and their welcome.
Some of the costumes worn by African actors are original, with real bones and shells. Even the Rammstein costumes are the authentic colonial costumes of the last century.

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