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The real romance behind Wake me up when september ends

The song “Wake me up when september ends” is among the most famous by Green Day. Many scenes seem to be taken from a movie, but it’s not like that! This is a short film made specifically for Green Day by Samule Bayer (we talked about him in a previous article). This director is famous for having made Smell Like Teen Spirit music video by Nirvana and Zombie by Cranberries.

The love story of the short film

The musicvideo Wake me up when the Green Day begins with two very young sweethearts, who spend a happy afternoon together. They are immersed in a meadow full of yellow rapeseed flowers. Traditionally according to the symbolism of flowers, yellow represents joy and life but also jealousy and betrayal.

In fact, the boy does not seem completely serene, it seems that he has to say something unpleasant to his girlfriend. He says that life is short; one day it may happen that you wake up and all your dreams have flown away. People get old, things and situations change.

He tells her he wants to stop the moment, remember her for what she is now and make sure that moment lasts forever. They promise to love each other and never leave.

The music video “Wake me up when september ends” shows us the moments of life of the two young people, while they are around for lunch, while celebrating his 18 years surrounded by friends, while they play the playstation. These seem carefree and quiet moments but the sore point is the scene where he does not have the money to pay for a sandwich and so she is forced to pay.

Moreover, the fact that they spend so many moments together indicates that neither he nor she works. Even the house where they live is a modest country house, with old and poor furniture.

When “all your dreams have flown away”

Suddenly the scene changes: she comes out of the door of the house and heads towards him who is sitting outside the house. She asks him

“Tell me you didn’t do it please… please don’t do it… how could you do this not tell me?”

She pulls a slap on him but continues to tell him that she loves him.
Seeing her cry in despair, he has a shot of anger and explains that he did it for them.
He then leaves to join the army and fight in war territories in Iraq.

The scene where the new soldiers descend from the truck and are led by the barber recalls the film Full Metal Jacket by Stanley Kubrick. A commander very similar to Sergeant Hartman screams into the ears of the young protagonist.

What happens to the protagonist on the battlefields

Also in this short film the director wanted to create a bit of suspense. In the scene where soldiers are attacked by enemy bombs, you see a soldier being hit and jumping in the air. Is this the protagonist of the story? No, then you understand that he is one of his comrades.

Another suspense in the next scene where you see a soldier being hit to a leg by a bullet. Once again it is understood at a later time that he is not the protagonist.

How will it end? It is not known. The last scenes show us the boy hidden and waiting for an enemy attack. The girl looks to the sky and thinks of him with hope: you hear her voice saying:

“You’ll always have somebody here for you. I never gonna leave you”.

He stops and seems to have heard it …

A musicvideo that makes us reflect on the soldiers’ family situation when they leave on a mission. Precarious economic situations lead them to seek a little profit in these dangerous and perhaps useless job assignments.

The family love story behind the lyrics

The song describes September as a moment of transition. Summer is over: the good times are gone. September is a limbo that does not know where it will lead us. Perhaps it will bring a mild and quiet winter or perhaps a cold and icy winter from which it will be difficult to get out.

Billie Joe Armstrong, the Green Day singer, wrote this song for his father, who died in September 1982 due to cancer. Billie Joe at that time was 10 years old. To his mother he said the phrase “Wake me up when september ends”.

September is also the month of mourning for the United States, which on the 11th remember the victims of the Twin Towers.

The love story becomes real

The two protagonists in “Wake me up when september ends” are Jamie Bell and Evan Rachel Wood. She is certainly prettier than him. But he will surely remember him as Billie Eliott in the film of the same name. During the filming of the Green Day music video (it was 2004), Evan Rachel Wood fell in love with Jamie Bell. They had a love story, lasting up to 2014 and also had a son.

However in 2007 Evan Rachel Wood got engaged to Marilyn Manson, although between the two there is an age difference of 18 years and she was 20 years old at the time. We can see the young actress in Marilyn Manson’s music video “Heart-Shaped Glasses“.

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