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The rock video of Tutto è troppo dentro te by Max Montanari

Tutto è troppo dentro te” (“Everything is too much inside you”) is the second extract from the new album by Max Montanari, entitled “S.A.L.I.G.I.A.”.

In recent months Montanari has resurrected an album made 15 years ago that he made for a major record company. At that time he was producer and voice of the historic rock band “Perikolo Generiko” (project closed in 2007).

The songs on this album retrace the seven deadly sins in a modern way. In fact, the title is an acronym composed of the initials of the vices: Superbia, Accidia, Lussuria, Ira, Gola, Invidia, Avarizia.

The song “Tutto è troppo dentro te” shows us the the sin of sloth. But before the official music video, let’s introduce this Italian rock musician.

Who is Max Montanari

Max Montanari began to be passionate about music from the age of 6, experimenting with the piano and singing. As a teenager he discovered rock and hard rock music, which led him to found the band Perikolo Generiko. This band was active from 1998 to 2007.
With Perikolo Generiko he performs on numerous stages, such as the Heineken Jammin Festival and Chatter Fest, and supports the italian band Negramaro on the 2005 “Tutto Scorre” tour.

In 2002 he founded Alkatraz Management, a record label engaged in rock music productions, promotional services, digital music distribution.

Since 2010 he starts the rock cover band Backgroundnoise and since 2018 he is the frontman of the rock/blues/country project “Cani Bagnati”. Together with him in this mainstream group we find the guitarist producer Cristiano Tiano Lando, with whom he finished recording the new album of the band, due out at the end of 2020 entitled “Fuori Controllo”. Fabrizio Simoncia Simoncioni (Soundengineer and musician of Litfiba and Ligabue), Luca Martelli (Drummer of Litfiba) and Franco Li Causi (historical bassist of Negrita and then of Litfiba) participated in this work.

As well as music, Max Montanari also deals with dubbing and theatrical performance.

Max Montanari’s new album “S.A.L.I.G.I.A.”

Max Montanari’s new album “S.A.L.I.G.I.A”, released in 2020, is available in all digital stores, on Spotify and YouTube.

“Fino in Fondo” is the first single extract. The other songs are “Sogni l’Eterno”, “Incontrollabile”, “Ti Distruggerà”, “Niente più sa te”, “Tutto è troppo dentro te” and “Orgasmo Telematico”. Max Montanari produced a rearranged version of this latest song together with Argentine composer and guitarist Juan Pablo Esmok Lew and Italian guitarist producer Fabio Monti aka FMonty, released on 30 August 2020. This is a maxi single off-album in Spanish and featuring Latin pop sound, which in 20 days has made over 40 thousand views and plays.

Tutto è troppo dentro te by Max Montanari

The song “Tutto è troppo dentro te” stages the sin of sloth. A defect that many still struggle to understand today and that has changed over the centuries, unlike the others. Sloth is the state of mind that affects those who have stopped living, feel bored with the world, do not do good works and are not interested in others.

In the past it was associated with depression. But today no one would think that a depressed person is committing a sin. The concept has changed in the modern era and the music video of the song “Tutto è troppo dentro te” by Max Montanari explains it well.

The representation of sloth in Tutto è troppo dentro te by Max Montanari

The video shows images of employees and managers, busy working and moving around in a super modern city. Streams of people pass us at an uncontrolled speed, so much so that the movement becomes an indistinct flow.

The image of people sitting in the bathroom often appears (there is also a sebach flying into space). Perhaps because today we grind our existence as if it were food. Life slips on us like our lunch, which after a few hours is already out of our body, just a waste to be forgotten.

Today’s slothful individual lives frantically, between work commitments until late and entertainment on night clubs with alcohol. He does not dwell on small things, on affections, on inner growth. He can’t stop and think. And this situation in the long run can push him to end it.

In the last scenes of the music video we also encounter a reference to the recent world crisis due to the ongoing health disaster. There is a hospital worker, fully harnessed with personal protective equipment, in front of a noose. It is also an invitation to reflect on the situation of those who are fighting in the battle against the virus.

Watch the Music Video of “Tutto è troppo dentro te”

The rock video of Tutto è troppo dentro te by Max Montanari -





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