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The singer’s life in the video Blurry by Puddle of Mudd

Blurry by Puddle of Mudd is a rock ballad, which is part of the debut album “Come clean”. The name of the American alternative metal band Puddle of Mudd indicates a dirty thing but their songs are anything but “mud”. The video was directed by the Limp Bizkit leader Fred Durst, who also dealt with another video, “Control”.

The autobiographical story of the lyrics

Blurry is an adjective that introduces us into the mood of the lyrics. The text is articulated on notes of sadness and melancholy: it speaks of the distance from the person you love. Life without her is “blurry”, colorless and undefined; people are so “fake”, false and empty; the world so messed up.

Wes Scantlin, the author of the lyrics, thinks about what his beloved is doing, imagines where she might be, he feels that the distance between them is an ocean. But this beloved is not a woman, but a very important figure that is part of his life…

The life of the frontman Wes Scantlin in the video Blurry by Puddle of Mudd

The video of the song is a short film shot in Los Angeles, with a story focused on a loved one who is not a woman but … a child!
The singer of Puddle of Mudd, Wes Scantlin, plays a father who lives without his son.

He is separated from his mother, who has redone a life with another man. The stepfather, however, is not a good person at all: drinking, smoking, often quarreling with his mother, and in front of her son.

The scenes of the video show Wes Scantlin with a Led Zeppelin shirt, having fun with his son, a beautiful blond boy. He takes him to the playground, teaches him how to use skateboarding. We see them jumping together on the trampoline, playing with the playstation. And do you know who this child is? He’s Scantlin’s son!

And the video is autobiographical. In fact it speaks of the feelings that assail him when he is on tour with the band and can not see his son.

The success of the song and video

A simple and straightforward story, which however adapts well to the song and lets you enter the right mood of the melody.

The single is from 2001 and a year later Puddle of Mudd won four Billboard Music Awards, including Rock Artist of the Year, “Rocky of the Year” for “Blurry”, Modern Rock Artist of the Year and Modern Rock Track of the Year with “Blurry”.

Today the official video, posted in 2016 on the Youtube platform, has 27 million views. Only your display is missing, if you have not seen it yet!

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