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The Sky Is A Neighborhood: look at the sky with Foo Fighters

What is the meaning of Foo Fighters’ musicvideo The Sky is a Neighborhood? Who are the protagonists? Let’s see the main elements of the video.

The first scene shows us a bedroom, in a house surrounded by green mountains. The setting does not seem modern but rather a place from the beginning of the last century. It’s evening and the two girls in nightwear read an ancient book. This book contains the words of the song and the little girls start to read them.

Who are the two little girls? They are the two daughters of Foo Fighters singer Dave Grohl: Harper, 8 years old, and Violet, 11 years old. The video was actually directed by the band’s frontman Dave Grohl.

Jesus and Tesla in the video The Sky is a Neighborhood

The camera then moves to the Foo Fighters: they are right on the roof of the house and play under a sky full of stars; the eyes of the band members are stars.

The camera then focuses some objects in the room above a shelf. An image of Jesus Christ, a sepia photograph of the inventor Nikola Tesla, a model of the solar system, a space rocket. In the room you can see other objects related to astronomical discoveries: a magnifying glass, a telescope, a carpet embossed with the design of the constellations.
But why the images of Jesus and Tesla? Maybe because they both looked at the sky … even if differently.

The magic book and the aliens

The girls feel that there is a great noise on the roof and they can not sleep. They start to move around the room and play with the book that turns out to have strange magical powers. Thanks to it, in fact, they start to float in the air as if they were astronauts in space.

Foo Fighters on the roof continue to play but the scenery is changed: around them there is no starry sky but dozens of lights similar to those of an alien spaceship …. And in fact in the final scene the singer Dave Grohl is lit up by alien lighthouse.

What the musicvideo The Sky is a neighborhood means

The Foo Fighters are developing a new app to explore the sky! Through this application you can configure your smartphone, scan the sky and see the map of the constellations above your head.

The meaning of the song, however, is much deeper and is not just an invitation to use an app. Foo Fighters want to tell us this: the sky is not so far, big and boundless. We are really small compared to it; we are full of problems, continually worried about life, striving to make war. Let’s stop for a moment and look at the sky: it can tell us many things about our existence and makes us discover unknown realities.

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