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The strange kidnapping in Eat You Alive by Limp Bizkit

Eat You Alive by Limp Bizkit is one of the most famous songs of the nu metal band that takes us back to the early 2000s. The song is part of the “Results May Vary” album.

The video was shot in Los Angeles and the director is band frontman Fred Durst. At the beginning we see him looking at the camera: he is actually talking to a blonde girl in a white dress, sitting on a chair and without shoes.

She is the American actress Thora Birch, whom we saw in “Ghost World” and “American Beauty”. Fred Durst admitted that he had a soft spot for her even in reality and was honored for having her in his video.

The location of the Eat You Alive video is creepy, in the style of a Halloween night or a summer night in a horror movie.
The young woman was kidnapped by Fred Durst who took her to the woods to perform a musical performance exclusively for her. But what will this exhibition do?

Meanwhile, the young woman’s father is looking for her together with a group of policemen, who walk among the trees with dogs and torches. The father is played by actor Bill Paxton.

Eat You Alive by Limp Bizkit like the Sirens with Ulysses

Fred Durst starts shouting at the young woman with a megaphone and she gets scared, but she can’t move and remains motionless. Near her a bouquet of pink flowers.

The singer operates a water pump and brandishes the tube, going to wet the young woman.
Then turns on a power outlet and hundreds of light bulbs turn on, lighting up the wood to day. The girl seems to calm down and imagines that she is at the top of the hills, while the wind passes through her hair and the singer touches her face. In short, we can say that the music of Limp Bizkit had the effect of singing Sirens on Ulysses!

However the arrival of the search team ruins everything: the young woman screams to the members of the band to leave and they run away. The father looks at his daughter and becomes very angry. He understood that the kidnappers fled and that the daughter was not so sorry of the kidnapping.

The extended version of Eat You Alive

In the end Durst didn’t want to do anything wrong to the beautiful blonde but only to enchant her (or rape her) with his music! And after all she liked that …

We end the post with a curiosity: there is an extended version of the video, with Fred Durst appearing at the wheel of an old pickup and being joined by a guy who informs him that the band is ready to perform.

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