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The two versions of Wherever You Will Go by The Calling

Did you know that the famous song Wherever You Will Go by The Calling has two video versions? The first version has Mexico as its location, but evidently the American band didn’t like it very much. The second is the one we all know: the location is the band’s hometown, Los Angeles.

The first video of Wherever You Will Go by The Calling

As we said, the first video of the song was shot in Mexico. At the beginning we see some signs that show us the place: “Callejon de Servicio”, “Un sentido”, “Hotel Las Palmas”.
The images show The Calling in the hotel room, during rehearsals, on the street walking or taking photos in front of their posters, in a place where they play in front of the public.
Sometimes we see scenes with a brunette girl. The video seems to describe a Mexican tour of The Calling, which however led singer Alex Band away from his girlfriend.
In some very fast frames the guitarist Sean Woolstenhulme reminds me of the Joker actor Heath Ledger, who passed away in 2008. What do you think?

heath ledger Sean Woolstenhulme

The official video

The second video is more of a short film. The Calling play in the dry riverbed of Los Angeles. We can also follow a love story that is coming to an end. The protagonist actress walks in the water with sneakers. She sits on a river bank and shows a tattoo with the name “Jake”. Thanks to a flashback we see what happened. The young woman went to get the tattoo (there she met a boy with blue eyes that we will meet at the end of the video). After the tattoo, she went home and discovered her Jake in bed with another! Obviously she got very angry and destroyed all his things, as well as having thrown him out of the house. This story is somewhat reminiscent of Bon Jovi’s Always video, what do you say?

But it doesn’t end there. In the final scenes the ex-boyfriend waits for her under the house in the car, but in the meantime she has a new love: the boy with blue eyes who had met in the tattoo shop! In addition, his tattoo with the word “Jake” was covered with a beautiful flower.
Do you know who this beautiful boy with blue eyes is? He is the actor Drew Fuller, famous above all for his portrayal of Chris Halliwell in the television series Charmed.

Some curiosities about Wherever You Will Go

Wherever You Will Go by The Calling will always remain in everyone’s heart, especially since it came out after the attack on the Twin Towers of September 2001.

The lyrics, however, was inspired by the story of the cousin of guitarist Aaron Kamin, who died leaving his wife after 50 years of marriage. Aaron Kamin tried to put himself in the shoes of the widow and wrote the song with Alex Band.

In 2013 the singer Alex Band announced that he had developed a form of parkinson’s. But he is active and you can follow him on his Facebook page.

In the film “Coyote Ugly” (2000) The Calling perform by singing Wherever You Will Go in a club. This release allowed them to take the first steps towards success, making their song heard all over the world.

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