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The video for Pearl Jam’s song Dance of the Clairvoyants

Pearl Jam’s song Dance of the Clairvoyants has created a sensation, just a few weeks after its release. The song marks a decisive turning point in the artistic career of this Seattle band, active since 1990 and always committed to producing successes in the alternative hard rock grunge genre.

Gigaton, the new 2020 album by Pearl Jam

Dance of the Clairvoyants was released in 2020 and the sound is incredibly different from the sounds of Pearl Jam: it is more electronic dance new age. The title never appears in the lyrics and the text resembles a ritual prayer or an oracle’s response.

The song is part of the new Pearl Jam album due out on March 27, 2020, which contains 12 unreleased songs. Its name is “Gigaton”. Pearl Jam has not produced an album since 2013: the latest is “Lightning Bolt”, which presented the great hits “Sirens” and “Getaway”.

On the cover of Gigaton we see the photo “Ice Waterfall” of the photographer, biologist and director Paul Nicklen, originally from Canada.

The photo shows a gigantic piece of ice that has come off a glacier in the Svalbard islands in Norway. The Gigaton is a unit of measurement that indicates a billion tons. This unit of measure is used to quantify the ice that detaches from the glaciers of the poles. The phenomenon of melting ice is increasing due to global warming and it is not a positive sign for our Earth.

Although Dance of the Clairvoyants is very different from the traditional style of Pearl Jam, the band explained that the album contains some classic rock songs. These include “Who Ever Said” and “Super Blood Wolf Moon”. But the album offers many experimental songs, pervaded by a more psychedelic rock and the band claims that this will be the best album of their entire career!

The meaning of the video for Pearl Jam’s song Dance of the Clairvoyants

In the Pearl Jam’s song Dance of the Clairvoyants you hear the unmistakable voice of Eddie Vedder. The sound has something magical and disquieting, with some rock veins. The video is by director Ryan Cory of Seattle.

At the beginning of the video, singer Eddie Vedder is painting with a wall painting brush. In front of him there is a white canvas, which has a black spot in the center. Each brush stroke creates the image of a universe. It is probably a metaphor for God who creates the universe.

During the 4:44 minutes of the musical short film we see images of nature together with the scenes of Pearl Jam playing.

We see the northern lights, stormy oceans, blooming flowers, fires, hurricanes, bird migration. All images in National Geographic style.

At 1.04 we also notice a species of fertilized egg, which perhaps represents the birth of man on Earth.
Other symbolic elements are bees, the emperor butterfly, the grasshopper.

Bees are essential for the ecosystem and food production, as they allow pollination.
The emperor butterfly indicates metamorphosis, change, rebirth, the cycle of nature. On the other hand, the grasshopper is destruction, as in the ten plagues of Egypt.

Surely this is a video that wants to bring attention to the health of our planet. The fault of this situation is mainly of human beings.

And finally a curiosity. You can find two other versions of the video for Pearl Jam’s song Dance of the Clairvoyants, featuring Match I and Match II. These versions always show images of nature and the band that plays. All three versions are very similar to each other, apart from a few small differences, even in terms of durability.

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