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The video R U Mine? of Arctic Monkeys in point-of-view

R U Mine? of Arctic Monkeys is one of the most famous songs of this indie rock English band. R U Mine? was released in 2012 and is part of the fifth studio album AM (2013).
The singer and guitarist Alex Turner wrote the text, while the band worked on the music.
For this song Arctic Monkeys took inspiration from two artists, rappers Lil Wayne and Drake. In particular, they were inspired by their way of writing texts.

The video R U Mine? of Arctic Monkeys

The video of R U Mine? of Arctic Monkeys is in black and white and looks really mysterious and enigmatic.
It begins with Stephen Philip Jones (known as Steve), a former guitarist with Sex Pistols and currently a radio DJ. Jones premieres the song at the KROQ radio station in Los Angeles.

The scene goes to the cockpit of a van, where we see frontman Alex Turner and drummer Matt Helders. They are listening to the Steve Jones radio show. As soon as they hear their song, they start singing it and pretend to play. Alex Turner is dressed and combed like a 50s rocker.

It looks like they are shooting the video with a mobile phone camera. The images are barely sketched because it is night and it is very dark. They are unprofessional shots but the effect is very realistic.

Suddenly in the back seats you see bassist Nick O’Malley with two blonde girls. The girls wear a cowboy hat and a black mask. During the shooting, one of the two girls was Alex Turner’s girlfriend: she is the actress and model Arielle Vandenberg.

Who’s shooting?

A very strange thing happens immediately after 2:00 minute. It is not clear who is holding the smartphone: the shooting is in motion and we see all the members of the band.

The travel ends in a parking. Here the band begins to play, while some spectators attend the concert, with fireworks and smoke. An almost unauthorized concert, improvised on the street.
In the last scene appears Steve Jones raising his thumb.

The video R U Mine? of the Arctic Monkeys resembles the style of the films “Blair Witch Project” and “Cloverfield” for the technique of shooting in point-of-view style. It won the NME Awards 2013 for best video of the year.
The idea for the video came to Matt Helders, while the direction is from the Focus Creep group.

The live video R U Mine? of Arctic Monkeys

There is a second video of the song posted on YouTube on March 29, 2012. The video shows a live performance of Arctic Monkeys in Mexico City. Here, too, the shots are in black and white. The camera is in motion and follows the band from behind the scenes to the stage, always in point-of-view style. On Matt Helders’ microphone there are two hanging bras, which we see in the foreground in the last scene of the video.

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