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The meaning of the video Hurricane by Thirty Seconds to Mars

The music video Hurricane by Thirty Seconds to Mars is a real short film lasting 13 minutes, which is worth watching entirely. The video intertwines the stories of the three protagonists, who are also three members of the band: the two brothers Jared Leto and Shannon Leto and Tomo Milicevic.

Hurricane video begins with two emblematic phrases that already explain the meaning of history:

“This is not reality – This is a dream”

The atmosphere heralds the arrival of a thunderstorm, with lightning and thunder over the city of New York. Will it be a real hurricane or an internal hurricane?
Three are the protagonists and three are the chapters of this short film:

  1. One – BIRTH
  2. Two: LIFE
  3. Three: DEATH

Jared Leto: violent love

In the video Hurricane by Thirty Seconds To Mars the singer Jare Leto represents violent, modern love, eager to try new strong emotions, based on the new frontiers of sex, between bondage, domination, submission, sadism.

Jared Leto is in room 209 of a hotel, he hears a knock on the door, opens it but does not find anyone: on the ground there are some of his photos that portray him during a relationship of domination and submission with a woman. Is this a threat? Probably yes, because suddenly you see an elegant man with a black leather mask, who pounces on him with a hammer. What does that man represent? The protagonist’s guilt feelings for inflicting so much pain on another person in a physical relationship? Can there be guilt for inflicting pain requested and wanted by the other?

Jared Leto escapes from the window and runs through the city, until he finds a key with a red string.
But the pursuit of the masked man continues and Jared Leto is with him in a church, where there are dozens of coffins with the American flag.

The masked man hits him with the hammer and Jared ends up in one of these coffins, which is then closed. How does it come out? With the key with the red cord, which he had found on the street. And the ending is a new battle with the masked man, during which Jared defeats him.

Shannon Leto: passionate love

Shannon Leto travels by motorbike, when the road is blocked by a body: he brakes and slides on the ground. The girl, who is lying on the ground, suddenly gets up and hits Shannon with a dagger. Then she hands him the key with the red string and kisses him.
The girl represents love, which blocks your way when you least expect it and you can’t keep going. You can only indulge in this feeling, that hits you in the heart, like Cupid with arrows.

Then the blonde girl disappears and Shannon Leto searches for her in the city: but when he meets her again, she gives him a trap. He cuffs him to a bench and lets masked men face him to beat him. Shannon Leto manages to open the handcuffs with the key with the red cord and so he can free himself and fight.

Was it more of an attempt to test Shannon’s love than a trap?

Or it could mean that love makes us suffer but in love itself there are the tools to overcome obstacles.

Tomo Milicevic: selfless love

Finally in the Hurricane video we find Tome Milicevic. The musician is in the subway when he witnesses a scene of humiliation by a masked man towards a woman dressed as a black kitten. He therefore decides to intervene to beat and defeat the man and free the woman, without demanding anything in return. As a reward, she gives him the key with the red cord.

But what is this key? It probably represents the way to salvation: even in the darkest moments there are “keys” that can help us get out of it and we must treasure them. Tomo Milicevic uses the key to open a book-shaped trunk with the words:

“Find the Argus Apocraphex”

Argus Apocraphex is not new in the history of Thirty Seconds to Mars. In Greek mythology Argo was the name of the ship of Jason, used for the search for the Golden Fleece. Apocraphex means kept hidden. The Argus Apocraphex is the dark part of each of us, our most hidden nature, as Dr. Jekyll had Mr. Hyde: we must find and become aware of it, to prevent it from taking over us. This dark part is the hurricane.

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