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Three music videos for Cash Machine by Hard-Fi

Cash Machine is the debut song of the band Hard-Fi, released in 2005 as the first extract from the album Stars of CCTV and for this song there are three music videos! The first video was made with a reduced budget but not for this it is less beautiful than the others. Indeed many consider it the best.

How Cash Machine song was born

Some say that the song is autobiographical and tells how the singer Richard Archer lived before becoming famous: no money, with his pregnant girlfriend and the desire to escape from everything and everyone! I wonder if Archer’s life was like that.

Certainly the song speaks of a very common situation: there is an ATM that, instead of paying the money, announces that the bank account is dry!

The ending of the song “There’s a hole in my pocket” was taken over by an old popular song that says “There’s a hole in the bucket”.

The first video with a small budget but a result that splits

The first Cash Machine video was directed by Kimberly Frescas and started with the band’s manager, who complains that the record company has not paid them yet. He orders the Hard-Fi band to decommission the clothes as musicians and wear those as robbers!

The band starts on a mission, wearing white suits and masks of famous British characters, such as Queen Elizabeth and Tony Blair. Their goal is to steal a briefcase containing some tapes recorded. Its owner is a courier who is arriving at Heathrow airport.

The musicians leave armed in search of the courier and after various ups and downs they find him. But the courier understands the plan and takes the singer Richard Archer off guard, pointing a gun to his head. Only the timely intervention of the other members of the band saves him and allows him to steal the case. All together they run into their rehearsal room with the briefcase and open it but … they discover that it only contains a sandwich, some fruit and a newspaper! Richard Archer exclaims “Oh knickers”.

Despite the reduced budget a masterpiece came out! Let’s see in the next post how they managed to make two other sibling videos.

Richard Archer protagonist in the Cash machine videos

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