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Top 20 Best Rock Songs to Wake Up In The Morning

With this Top 20 of the best rock songs to wake up in the morning we offer you a roundup of famous and less famous songs but all incredibly full of energy.

What you will find in this compilation of rock songs to wake up in the morning

Don’t expect songs to put in your clock radio. We offer you a compilation of music to listen to after you have already got up and need an extra charge! Play these songs while you are having breakfast or you are in the car. You will see that the god Morpheus will leave you in peace and you will have an extra gear for the day.
But let’s find out more about the choices for this top 20 of the best rock songs to wake up in the morning.

Let’s start with Aerosmith and Alice Cooper with two famous pieces that you can’t not know. Even “Land of Confusion” by Disturbed, a Genesis cover, is very famous (read here our review). With Mötley Crüe you will listen to another cover, this time of Madonna, “Like A Virgin”.

We also propose two bands that have split in recent years: Fantastic Negrito and Greta Van Fleet. The only woman’s voice you will hear is that of Shirley Manson of Garbage with “Why Do You Love Me”. But not because we have it with women: to wake up you need a masculine roar!

For our older and more prepared fans we decided to introduce some particular music.

Apocalyptica is a symphonic metal instrumental band. They come from Helsinki, Finland, and have been active since 1993. In this song “Not Strong Enough” they are with Brent Smith, lead singer of Shinedown. Even the Beasts in Black come from Finland but the band’s formation is recent ( 2015).

Bring me the Horizon are British and their genre can be defined alternative metal or metalcore. Their training is more recent, they have been playing together since 2004.

Hyperchilds are perhaps the least famous of all, they are German and in 2000 they did a beautiful cover of the song “Wonderful Life” of the singer Black.
We end up in Japan with One Ok Rock and their “The Beginning” in English and Japanese. And we conclude with the Elvenking : they are an Italian band even if they sing in English.

In this Top 20 of the best rock songs to wake up in the morning we made some musical choices dictated by the lyrics! “Welcome to the Jungle” and “Land of Confusion” are your workplace or your school or whatever awaits you during the day! And how much does “Bored to Death” represents you? “Not Strong Enough” is for those who get out of bed at 7 AM but wake up at noon! All the pessimism, however, is dampened by “Wonderful Life”.

Click on the individual songs to listen to the song, or on Full Playlist to go to our playlist on YouTube. Good listening!

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