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Top 25 of the Best Rock Cover Songs Of All Time

In this top 25 of the Best Rock Cover Songs of all time we retrace some great successes from the 70s to today. They are all covers but they are made so well that they seem completely different from the original.
Below we tell you some details for each song. At the bottom you find the playlist. Click on Full Playlist to listen to the entire compilation on YouTube. To listen to each single song click on each single song.

What will you find in this compilation of the Best Rock Cover Songs

1. The Sound Of Silence – Disturbed: this song dates back to 1964. The author is Paul Simon, who is part of the Simon & Garfunkel duo, together with Art Garfunkel. Many other artists have reinterpreted the song. The Disturbed version is from 2015 and is on the “Immortalized” album.

2. Shout – Disturbed: another cover of Disturbed, taken by the duo Tears For Fears (1985). You can find the new version of Disturbed as “Shout 2000”, because it was released on the 2000 album The Sickness.

3. Land Of Confusion – Disturbed: the cover of Disturbed which takes up the song of “Genesis” of 1986, in a rock key. We talked about it on Music Video Meaning in this post.

4. Sweet Dreams – Marilyn Manson: the original song is from Eurythmics (1983). Marilyn Manson made it a unique and original piece, which rotated on radio and on MTV in the 1990s. It marked the success of this American band.

5. Tainted Love – Marilyn Manson: another 2001 Marilyn Manson cover. The original is by Ed Cobb and Gloria Jones (1964) and is of the soul genre. Many other artists recreated the song in their own way.

6. House Of The Rising Sun – Five Finger Death Punch: the song is by The Animals (1964) but in reality it is a song of the popular folk tradition of an unknown author. The Five Finger Death Punch version is from 2013.

7. Smooth Criminal – Alien Ant Farm: the song needs no introduction, because it is by the legendary Michael Jackson (1988). In 2001 the Californian band Alien Ant Farm created this cover.

8. Behind Blue Eyes – Limp Bizkit: in 2003 Limp Bizkit resumed this song by The Who, contained in the 1971 album “Who’s Next”.

9. Faith – Limp Bizkit: we stay with the Limp Bizkit; in 1997 they remade this song by George Michael (1987).

10. Rocket Man – Puddle Of Mudd: a great success for Elton John (1972), taken up by this American alternative metal band in 2011.

11. Eleanor Rigby – Alice Cooper: a Beatles song (1966) written by Paul McCartney. It describes the condition of loneliness understood as an inability to relate to others. Alice Cooper’s makeover is from 2014.

12. Like A Virgin – Mötley Crüe: Madonna’s Like A Virgin (1984) has been expertly taken up by the Mötley Crüe in this version of 2019.

13. Daddy Cool – Placebo: let’s go back to the 70s with Boney M and this very pop song, that was re-presented by Placebo in 2003, with a more alternative rock tone.

14. Immigrant Song – Karen O with Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross: the original is by Led Zeppelin (1970). Karen O (Karen Lee Orzołek) is a naturalized American South Korean singer. Her version of Immigrant Song (2011) is in collaboration with the American singer Michael Trent Reznor and the British musician Atticus Ross.

15. Dream On – Ronnie James Dio: we are still in the 70s with Aerosmith’s “Dream On” (1973). But the version of Ronnie James Dio is from 2003.

16. You Really Got Me – Van Halen: The Kinks (1964) made this famous song, of which Van Halen made a cover in 1978.

17. Wonderful Life – Hyperchild: the 1985 version of Black is very famous. Unfortunately, he left us in 2016 due to a traffic accident. The 2000 version of Hyperchild is also really nice and it was the soundtrack of Dawson’s Creek.

18. Mr. Crowley – Yngwie Malmsteen & Tim Ripper Owens: this famous 1980 song by Ozzy Osbourne is taken up by the Swedish guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen and Tim Ripper Owens, American singer and former Judas Priest frontman (1996-2003). The cover is from 2008.

19. Big In Japan – Guano Apes: the very melodic and pop song by Alphaville (1984) is turned upside down in the 2000 version of Guano Apes: a breath of energy and power!

20. Whiskey in the Jar – Metallica: “Whiskey in the Jar” is a traditional Irish song from the 18th century. Metallica changed parts of the song (1998) and it earned them a Grammy Award for best hard rock performance.

21. Where Did You Sleep Last Night – Nirvana: also “Where Did You Sleep Last Night” is a traditional American folk song, also known under the titles of “In the Pines” and “Black Girl”.

22. Umbrella – Vanilla Sky: let’s listen to Rihanna’s song from 2007 in the version of Vanilla Sky (2007), an Italian pop-punk emo group born in 2002.

23. Wicked Game – HIM: unforgettable and romantic song by Chris Isaak (1989). We listen to it in the Him version of 1997.

24. Losing My Religion – Trivium: this song by R.E.M. 1991 entered the history of music. Florida band Trivium made it a metalcore thrash song.

25. Zombie – Bad Wolves: we end with a timeless Cranberries song from 1993. You have certainly heard the version of Bad Wolves.

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