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Vermilion pt 2 video by Slipknot: a magical ending

As we saw in the previous article, Vermilion by Slipknot is a song divided into two parts with two different but closely related videos. Now let’s find out how the video Vermilion pt 2 continues.

The protagonist is always the actress Jenna Bossier. At the beginning of the video she is lying in a country meadow. She does not move, che seems almost dead. Magically we see her rise in the air and sway, as if raised by the wind.

A stronger gust of wind lifts her so high that she touches the tip of a great old tree. At one point she seems to touch the sun, but soon after she comes back to earth, lying on the grass, almost dead.

The meaning of Vermillion music videos by Slipknot

The story told in the videos shows the isolation of a person in depression. This depression is due not only to the disappointments of love but can also be generated by other factors.

The person isolates himself from everything and everyone. Even though he is among the people, he has the impression of being in a deserted place, where no one listens to him, no one notices him.

In the first video the girl sees people darting at full speed and can not stop them and ask for help. She comes to think of suicide: the butterfly of the first video is life, inflamed because it preys on psychological torture.

Vermilion lyrics are more focused on unrequited love, obsession, desire for a person who will never come back. Instead, videos bring us to a broader view of depression, such as dissatisfaction with life, addiction to drugs or alcohol, lack of work, economic or family crisis, failure.

The second video shows the situation of growing desperation that leads the protagonist to let herself be passed away by everything that happens. She no longer cares, she is dead in the soul.

Let’s find out the two music video Vermilion by Slipknot

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