Waste a Moment by Kings of Leon: a compelling sci-fi story

Waste a Moment by Kings of Leon: the first chapter of the trilogy

Waste a Moment by Kings of Leon is the first music video of a trilogy that continues with the videos of “Find me” and “Reverend”. The story that links these three videos is complex but very suggestive. Time travel, extraterrestrial objects, missing persons, supernatural powers are the ingredients of this story. Many elements of the plot remain deliberately unexplained and interpretable at will of the viewer. We will try to give our interpretation! So let’s see the first chapter of this sci-fi thriller apocalyptic story.

Cheerleaders with supernatural powers

The setting of Waste a Moment by Kings of Leon is not contemporary, although the video was shot in 2016. We are in the 80s in an American high school. Three cheerleaders with red and white uniforms rest under a tree in the garden. They see two policemen approaching: one of them glares at them and the two policemen fall unconscious (or dead?).

The scene then moves to a house where we see an elderly man with white hair, gathered in a pigtail, dressed in an elegant brown suit. The man enters the house and here he finds the singer of the Kings of Leon, Caleb Folowill. They exchange a couple of jokes and then the man with the pigtail takes out a strange weapon: a metal tube from which comes a beam of red light with strange powers.

He points the weapon at him and he covers the face with his hand. It is not a weapon harmful to human beings but only to supernatural entities. The old man wants to know if Caleb is taken over by an extraterrestrial entity, like the three cheerleaders (we’ll see this weapon later in the last video of the trilogy).
But Caleb is not tainted: so the pigtailed man covers his eyes with a bandage and takes away all the members of the Kings of Leon, covering their eyes with bandages. The bandage is the only way not to meet the cheerleader’s eyes and not be killed.

The apocalypse begins

In fact, high school girls have supernatural powers that they are using for evil purposes. They are trying to tilt their small town: some people are kidnapped, others fall to the ground suddenly and die. In reality, girls are not evil: extraterrestrial entities have taken possession of their body and are manipulating them for their own purposes. But this will only be discovered in the third music video, “Reverend”. Meanwhile, we anticipate this only! The story is much more intricate. In the end we will also understand who is the old man with the pigtail and this thing will amaze you. Let’s see the second video of the trilogy.

Find me by Kings of Leon: the extraterrestrial apocalypse begins