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WE ARE CHAOS – Marilyn Manson: 5 curiosities about the song

Marilyn Manson’s new single WE ARE CHAOS was released in July 2020 and its music video has already exceeded 4 million views on YouTube. Let’s discover 5 curiosities about this new song, which will help you understand it better.

5 curiosities about WE ARE CHAOS – Marilyn Manson

1. WE ARE CHAOS gives the title to the new album

WE ARE CHAOS is the song that also gives the title to the new album, released on September 11, 2020.
It is the eleventh produced by the American musician and contains 10 tracks. Manson worked on the project with country rock musician Shooter Jennings. On the album cover we see Manson’s watercolor self-portrait “Infinite Darkness”. In fact, the singer started painting in watercolor in 1999.

2. Who is the lyrics dedicated to?

Many fans are convinced that the song WE ARE CHAOS by Marilyn Manson is dedicated to the people who were in difficulty due to the pandemic and the lockdown. Actually Manson explained that he wrote the lyrics a year and a half earlier.
The song talks about the madness generated by the memories of the past, about the way of relating to the world and to other people.
Despite this Manson stated that the lyrics can also adapt well to today’s situation. Indeed, re-reading it, he has the impression of having written it in 2020.

3. The comparison with the Beatles

The British rock and metal music magazine “Kerrang!” compared “WE ARE CHAOS” to the Beatles song “Across the Universe”. Manson’s song is in fact melodic, reflective, cryptic, nihilistic, macabre, very reminiscent of the melancholy style of the Beatles. The melody is similar to a song for Christmas holidays. But what it is celebrating seems to be the end of the world.

4. The music video for WE ARE CHAOS and the quotes to famous films

Matt Mahurin is the director of the accompanying music video for the song. He also did the photography and editing. The work was done during the lockdown.

Who is Matt Mahurin

Mahurin worked with many other famous artists, including U2, Def Leppard, Metallica, Tracy Chapman, R.E.M., Alice in Chains. His skill lies in combining images of people with symbolic elements, creating bizarre compositions with a gothic, vintage and dark style.

For Marilyn Manson’s WE ARE CHAOS video, Mahurin employed techniques such as chroma and computer graphics (CGI). So he mixed the Manson figure into a series of surreal situations. These scenes seem to conceal quotes from famous films and more. Here are some of these quotes.

We see the moon landing in the 1902 silent film “Le Voyage dans la lune” by Georges Méliès in the figure of Marilyn Manson. He has an iron funnel stuck in his head, from which blood comes out.

Other scenes recall the image of the Mexican Muerte, ie the skull covered with roses. Or the Jolly Roger of the pirates (skull with crossbones).

At one point Manson walks down the street at night and lightning strikes across the power lines. Quote to time travels and “Back To The Future” film?

Two hands reach out to touch, as in the famous painting by Michelangelo Buonarroti in the Sistine Chapel in Rome. In this picture God and Adam bring their fingers together.

Marilyn Manson sings on the scene of a very familiar neighborhood. It resembles the town of Edward Scissorhands. The filming location for Tim Burton’s film with Johnny Depp was an area north of Tampa, Florida.

Moreover what does the scene of Manson walking through the gears remind you of? The assembly line of the film Modern Times by Charlie Chaplin (1936).

Then Manson dressed as a soldier: a quote from the movie “Saving Private Ryan?

5. A new music video is in preparation

Let’s end with an anticipation. Marilyn Manson is already preparing the video for the song “Don’t Chase the Dead”. Meanwhile, you can listen to it on YouTube.

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