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What are dummies in the video Ordinary Life by Liquido

After Narcotic we are going to discover the video Ordinary Life by Liquido. From the views of the post about Narcotic we deduced that you liked it and above all that you still like Liquido today!

The German band Liquido and the projects of Wolfgang Schrödl

Liquido is a German band that unfortunately is no longer in business. Their career began in 1996 and ended 10 years ago, in 2009. They made 5 studio albums. From the single “Narcotic” of 1998 to the single “Ordinary Life” seven years pass. “Ordinary Life” in fact comes out in 2005.

Currently you find the band leader Wolfgang Schrödl on Facebook with a very well maintained personal profile. He manages three Facebook pages, concerning his musical projects.

The first page we find is that of 7Fields, a band that makes indie folk music and was formed in Berlin; its debut album is from 2017.

Another musical project is Senex: it deals with pop music and seems to have just been released in 2019. The third project is Cabinet, born at the end of 2018: it is an acoustic electronic duo.

The video Ordinary Life by Liquido

But back to the video Ordinary Life by Liquido. The lyrics are very cryptic and pounding but the riff goes straight into the head and doesn’t leave you for days. Even today, 15 years later, if we hear the refrain, the song immediately comes to mind!

The video is a masterpiece. The protagonists are dressed as mannequins. But not just any mannequins, but car crash dummies. You notice them immediately because they have black and yellow colored circles on the head. Do you know what those circles represent? They are calibration marks used by technicians during the slow-motion view of car crash movies, to understand how the dummy’s head moves. You can see the same symbol of the black and yellow circle in the video on the lit runway, where Liquido are playing.

The meaning of the video Ordinary Life by Liquido

The family of mannequins, the protagonist of the video, looks like a normal anonymous German family. They are the Wedig family, as stated on the house plate, when the householder leaves to go to work.

This is what the video Ordinary Life by Liquido means. What we see is a metaphor for ordinary life. Humans wake up from the bed like automatons, they eat breakfast the same way every day, greet their loved ones, take the subway and get to work. And at work they get banged like car crash dummies. The video closes like a normal day, with the householder lying in bed with his wife. As the lyrics say, maybe life is but a game…

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