When the season change by Five Finger Death Punch

When the season change, rock ballad with a contagious melody

“When the season change” by Five Finger Death Punch is a song released last September, which you have already heard on the radio several times. It is a rock ballad that remains in your head for its really infectious and nostalgic melody.

A special dedication

The video is dedicated to Charleston Hartfield, an army veteran and Las Vegas police officer, who died a year ago in a shootout.

The event dates back to October 1, 2017: a killer fired on the crowd at a country music festival on the “strip” and killed 59 people; 527 were wounded. The killer, who killed himself after the shooting, opened fire by the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

The song “When the seasons change” is in the album “And Justice For None”. The band is famous for their donations: this year they donated 95 thousand dollars to the charity C.O.P.S – Concerns Of Police Survivors, which operates in favor of the families of the policemen who died during the service.

The story of the video When the season change

“When the season change” video shows the story of two policemen, a man and a woman, who have been very close friends since they were young.

The policeman is wounded in the neck during a shooting: the two friends are alone against a gang of hooded thieves. She is hit in the chest but the bullet sticks into the bulletproof vest and she is therefore unharmed.

The song was made in honor of the American police and rescuers all over the world. At the end of the video we read the news that every 58 hours a policeman dies.

Curiosities from the music video

Some curiosities on the video: the girl is much lower than the policeman; at first he makes a joke and holds the car keys with his hand up. She is forced to jump to get them.

There is a woman among the thieves armed with guns. And she hits the policewoman.

At one point the criminals must supply the weapons with bullets. The policeman realizes it, believes he has a few seconds free to reach his friend and leaves his hiding place behind the police car. But on the truck of thieves there is the driver thief who is aiming him. And the driver shoots the policeman, also colored.

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