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Why is there an astronaut in Throw My Bones by Deep Purple?

In the video for the song Throw My Bones by Deep Purple the protagonist is an astronaut who arrives on Earth from an unknown place and in the end he disintegrates. Why? Let’s try to understand better the meaning of the lyrics and the music video.

The Deep Purple’s new album “Whoosh!” (2020)

Deep Purple’s new 2020 album is titled “Whoosh!” and it is the 21st of the British band. I remind you that Deep Purple was formed in 1968 in Hertford, England and they made the history of music together with groups such as Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Ramones, Black Sabbath.

Today the members of the band are no longer kids and for this reason their music wants to tackle current and demanding themes. These include pollution, the ecological situation on planet Earth, the future of humanity.

The title of the album “Whoosh!” is an onomatopoeic word: it reproduces a real sound. Specifically, it is a sound that we emit when we feel amazement. Deep Purple chose it because they think this will be the sound their listeners will make when they hear the new songs. But it is also a sound that represents human existence: nothing more than a short and intense exclamation of wonder and amazement.

The video for Throw My Bones by Deep Purple

The video for Throw My Bones by Deep Purple is the first single on the album “Whoosh!”. In the first images of the video we see the planet Earth. It seems that the perspective is that of a spacecraft that is about to reach our planet. In fact, after a while an astronaut lands on the ground.

The poor man is in a somewhat particular place: in the traffic of a big city. It appears to be Melbourne (we see the famous Tukk & Co bar). Nobody cares about him and the astronaut starts walking and wandering the world. He even goes to the United States where he witnesses the launch of a space rocket.

If we look at his suit, it looks very old. A 3AKP – 0TKP logo appears on the arm. These symbols are probably related to the calculations on Einstein’s relativity and to the possibility of time travel. In fact, if a body with mass moves at a speed higher than the speed of light, it is not affected by the parameters of space and time, that is, it remains unchanged.

In the end, the astronaut arrives in the desert, takes off the outer part of the spacesuit and begins to disintegrate. The scene is also immortalized on the cover of the single.

The meaning of Throw My Bones by Deep Purple

This astronaut has not simply traveled in space: he has made a dimensional and temporal journey and has come to our planet from the past. This is why we see him observe many things as if it were the first time he saw them. Instead he looks at other things with familiarity, such as the airplane on the runway, towards which he raises his hand and salutes.

But why does he disintegrate in the end? Within the story of the video, the meaning could be this: the astronaut took off his spacesuit which was probably the only thing that allowed him to survive in this dimension. Removing the suit he disintegrated. He wasn’t exactly dead but he merged with everything (a bit like what happened to Scarlett Johansson in the film “Lucy”).

If we look at the meaning of Deep Purple’s lyrics, the meaning is this. Try to think you are a time traveler who arrives on Earth from another dimension. What feelings do you have to live on our planet today? Can you live there?

Today we have many things available: humanity has adapted the planet Earth to its existence and needs. We make sure that this adaptation does not destroy the nature and the environment in which we live!

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